My offer

Psychotherapy in individual settings:

A Psychotherapy unit lasts 50min, double units (90min) are possible on request.

Cost: 80 € /50min or 140 €/ 90 min (adults); 70 € /50 min (children and adolescents).

A partial refund from your health insurance is possible – at the time: 21,80 € /50 min, the BVA pays 40 € / 50min.


Therapy Steps

An appointment is made for an initial consultation. This takes about 30 minutes and costs 30 Euros. Afterwards you have the opportunity to decide whether you want to start a therapy or not. 


The frequency of the treatment sessions depends on the constitution and the possibilities of the patient. To initiate a process, one hour per week is recommended. Towards the end of therapy the intervals can be extended. 


The duration of the therapy is not fixed, but is a result from the therapeutic process and is determined by therapist and client together.


Please call for an initial meeting at phone 0676 963 43 26
or email to
My methods


Integrative Psychotherapy

The Integrative Psychotherapy (IT) is a recent psychotherapy method where the individual is seen as a”creative being.” All human beings are considered to be complex with dimensions of “body, soul and spirit in their social and ecological environment” (Petzold, 1988). 


The IT is a modern psychotherapy, it combines concepts of different therapeutic approaches (Psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, Psychodrama, Behavioural Therapy ) with findings in brain research in order to be able to help each patient individually and according to his/her needs.



This means that in therapy all the factors that “make you sick”, but also those which are “healing” are taken into account. Besides the therapeutic relation not only language, but also creative, symbolic or kinotherapeutic elements are seen as means to learn more about yourself.


From the perspective of Integrative Therapy mental health problems can occur at any age, but it is also possible at all ages to improve the quality of life! More information on Integrative Psychotherapy, see


Art Therapy

Art therapy refers to the creative therapeutic work with various materials (e.g. paints, pencils, clay, photography, collage, natural materials …). It allows a direct, spontaneous expression of experiences, feelings and ideas. Language barriers can disappear, authenticity is experienced and ego functions (such as self-esteem) are strengthened.


As an Artist and trained Art Therapist I offer a room for creative confrontation with your own issues and problem areas. In addition, I include other creative activities such as music, movement, creative writing, role play, stories and working with symbols – if my client desires to.


EMDR is a trauma therapy method that I also apply if indicated.